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11:33 am
Long weekend catch up [30 May, 2017]
So today I have been to the leg people and she actually listened this time and is giving me a pair of what I can only describe as wrap around leg covers which looks better and they might actually work just got to wait 3 weeks or so for them to be ordered.

The product goes on my legs and then has Velcro strips which I tighten and loosen and I will be able to position my foot in them in a comfortable position before doing them up which is just what I need it will be a 2 piece set for each leg one for the feet and on one for the legs.

The weekend was good Friday I sent him fishing as it was so nice and he actually caught a fish while I had plans to do shit I actually ended up sitting down on the pc and playing online games,

Then Saturday I rung Si to ask if he had his key for here so he could get in if I was in the shower but I managed to get showered before he arrived I was a little scared though as the floor still feels like I am going to slip it on it not sure why but I haven't just feels like it.

Then Saturday night he and Si went out for MacDonald and that was good I ate quite a lot half a chicken burger and 4 chicken nuggets which filled me up no end.

He was fishing again Saturday and caught 9 perch and 1 roach which was a lot maybe the stick worked lol.

Sunday Si and I played wow and he run me ragged doing the daily s on his players but if I didn’t I could not put up with his winning! he was fishing again and caught 1 perch not so good but better then a carrier bag or old boot!

Monday he did not go fishing his gear was still drying out ,and he had to sort it all out, and he found a few things missing or lost and me and Si carried on with dailies on wow.

So that was my long weekend