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1:48 pm
Pip got here [25 July, 2017]
So the weekend I had him at home Saturday and si was up also and he did not go fishing Saturday with it raining but he did go Sunday. I was awake Sunday from 1-30am till 10-30pm as I had pip turning up on Monday and wanted to make sure I was at my worst or normal for them to see what I suffer with and how.

Monday the pip health person for pip turned up for pip and then left after 45 minutes the did not ask everything they should of so hoping t goes well for me but no one can tell until the letter drops on the mat in a month or 2 time.

Then today the doctor should of called me but did not with no text coming through seems wrong date given I am past chasing them up over stuff.

That has been my last few days hope yours have been better