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11:37 pm
Still coughing not as much [24 September, 2017]
So the weekend was quiet with me sleeping on and off nearly all of it trying to get rid of this flu bug taking asthma inhalers painkillers cough medicine and night nurse and I still am coughing not as much but it is still hanging on.

I have also got a red round round on my lower back which hurts to touch lay on or lean against so he has padded it out for me so it does nt hurt as much,who knows where I got that from!

This place looks like a bomb has gone off so going to do my best and get the duster out and get to work sorting it over the next week,just so it has been done to my tidiness!

Any ways that is it for now just been on wow and done 3 lots of dailies so they are up to date and now it is time for emails so bye for now