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4:18 am
An update can you believe it? [31 January, 2018]
Well it is the day after Steve's birthday he had a quiet day but a good one.

Last night I saw wow had finally given the release date and you can pre-order the expansion which I would of done if I had not been skint so Steve said he would get it for me for valentines day holy shit can you believe that £52- on an expansion but I must be worth it right?

Thank god it is only another 8 days till pay day now him and I are both broke lol.

I did kind of cheat though I made a nice shiny hunter and got Si to invite her to the guild then I ditched her and made a brand new one and speed boosted it fuck running it all the way to 120 now I got the rep and gear to gear to get but not so worried about that.

So that's it from me I am OK still breathing keep checking out my designs.

And Steve happy birthday for yesterday

Bye for now sleep well folks