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Barefoot in the Rain! [20 February, 2018]
So yesterday I ventured out I say that lightly as I had to go to a hospital appointment for a shoe fitting,it was pissing down with rain and thank god Si was taking Steve and I in the car any-ways I get down to the car and he pulls up to the main door downstairs and the floor is so wet and cold neither mind I think I will at least get my bare cold wet feet warm in the car!

Oh how wrong was I the floor of the car was like a paddling pool when the garage washed it, it felt like the doors where left open and they just let it rain in,

So I put my feet my on the back seat and stretch out now we finally get the hospital,and I get out of the car and the it is still raining and the pavement is wet.

So I hobble bare foot as quick as possible (I actually think a turtle passed me)still we get in the doors and we walk to the lift and Steve says to me look behind you!

So I glance behind me was it someone I knew someone doing something strange!No it was my footprints and the only set I might add that was a pure foot print with each little shown in prefect detail.So I say to him ignore it do not look like I am the guilty one.

We get in the lift after what seems like a lifetime of waiting go up to the 1st floor and this cleaner with his wagon is standing their watching my poor little naked feet walk along the corridor leaving perfect marked foot prints,

At this point I am in extreme pain in my legs and my fast pace has slowed down to a one footed turtle.

We get to the door and I tell Steve to knock on the door and he says in a minute now I am sitting their in a huge winters coat all warm and snug until the said naked feet I left a trail of wet perfect feet which leads through the entire hospital right to me and he wants me to wait to escape this embarrassment.

So I ask him one time giving him the do it or die look and he knocks and the foot guy comes to the door and he says we have an appointment in half hour just to let you know we are here.

The doctor then says better earlier then never come in so in we go and he looks down at my feet and says wait for it What no shoes,Now fuck me backwards but was it not the point of coming here to try on the pair you are having especially made for me as I can not normal shoes socks anything on my feet.

So I nearly said well there's your stupid sign! Instead I just said no and I can not get anything on my feet so he pulled down the pair he had measured for me 3+months ago and they need another size added longer straps on them but should be back in 6 weeks with the finished changes.

So it is still another 6+weeks of nothing on my feet for such days as this.

I finally got home and had to towel dry my feet and try and get them warm as they were frozen.

That was my day of venturing out,and hopefully soon I will be able to go out with shoes oh what joy that will be.

But one small detail I left out but really must add if your dressed warm but with no shoes and you are given a warm coat with the person saying that will keep you warm don't want you getting cold and you just happen to look down at knackered feet, Here's your stupid sign!