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8:40 am
It is a pin prick! [27 February, 2018]
So I just had to come in here and tell you this .

When Steve was fishing on Sunday he once again got his finger attached to the hook he pulled it out and his finger has a tiny black dot,and is a little swollen nothing major,but he decides he needs to the go to the hospital on Monday.

So Monday shows up and Steve goes to the hospital he leaves at 2pm and he arrives has a xray after a short time then gets told to go to another hospital for the plastics team to take a look.

Once he gets to the other hospital delays due to snowing and one person under,he is told to wait in various rooms they move him around give him a blood test and give him a drip.(Yes your right how does a drip get given a drip lol)

Then he waits for a few more hours and they want to keep him in over night so they can clean it this morning,

He is having none of it he says he will come home and they want him to go back today and get it cleaned out,

It is a fricking pin hole I seriously have had bigger paper cuts but if that is what needs to happen then I guess it has to be done.

So no doubt it will be another waiting game today with how long the wait will be and what they will do when he gets back today.

That is it for now all that yesterday took from 2pm- 1am when he stepped out of the hospital then it took him an hour to get home.

Thank goodness it is him at least he has plenty of patience !

So that is for now have a good one.