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6:16 am
Must wake up [14 April, 2018]
So I have not written in here in months and thought it was time I did,I am still trying to come to terms with having chronic fatigue.

Some days or a few weeks if I am lucky is brilliant then others I sleep more then I am awake and the last week I think I must of only been awake long enough to eat drink and have a smoke before I had to sleep again I wake up feeling so tired,so I sleep and then wake up still feeling tired it really pisses me off I want to do so much here.

Easter was just like any other time here dull boring for me, he went fishing most of it and Si was here supposedly looking after me but he just seemed to sleep and annoy me more then help I wondered at the end of it why did he come for that long!

He has gone fishing again as it is the weekend and I personally think that is all he ever waits for,put it this way he starts talking about it the Monday and does not go till Saturday thinking where he is going what he will need if he is nearly out of stuff to reorder I am like you only came back Sunday night and now your banging on about the weekend again.

I am however going to finally be getting shoes the end of this month so that is fabulous news,I just have to hope they are comfy and will go on my ever expanding feet and ankles,also worried about blisters with how my feet are now the skin is so sketched and all it will take is one little blister for the skin to tear along way across the ankle.

I am going to try and do a couple of just for fun designs later this weekend,maybe when Si(rainbow fairy) is sleeping which would be about 3pm he turns up at 1-30pm and at 3pm he sleeps so gives me time to have some peace and try to stay awake and do some designs.

Hope your all keeping well
Hugs Chelle