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Kitchen Spring Clean Maybe Finished By Summer! [22 May, 2018]
So I got my shoes finally but they dig in and have concluded the only way to fix it to put bath sponges around my feet so they do not dig in.I have bought the bath sponges but that is as far as I have got.
I just really do not want to walk around with bath sponges in my footwear really it is just so stupid but secondly and most important at the moment I can hardly bear any weight on my right hip and leg,
It keeps me awake at night it hurts sitting,standing on it and even laying down the pain makes me feel sick but as normal he is just oh well another pain attitude!
I have been trying to clean the kitchen and get rid of the clutter and get it back to a healthy standard which I dare eat and drink coffee from!
And let me tell you that is no easy task,Now do not forget he is meant to be my carer which he thinks is siting on his arse and going to the shops daily for rolls and smokes,and to hell with the housework,
He will do the washing if it is overflowing or I tell him to do it same with loading the dishwasher he just leaves dirty stuff on top of the dishwasher to save him having to unload the clean shit,
So any-ways the kitchen got started Saturday as I told him to go fishing I got the fridge wiped down and the dishwasher loaded that was it,
On Sunday I had to sit and lay the whole day I felt sick with the pain in my hip,then Monday I did one double cupboard and 2 draws and the saucepan shelf.
So slowly getting to it that is for sure,I just want a clean tidy kitchen!Then will come a clean tidy bedroom front room shower room you see where this is going lol.
So that is how it is at the moment for me