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3:03 pm
Get your hair cut Shirley! [08 June, 2018]
So I am here and have managed to get him to go fishing next weekend from Friday lunch time result!

It means I can finally get a few bits done around here with no one looking over my shoulder or asking why you throwing that I need that,when you can see it has not been touched in a year let alone used!

I keep calling him Shirley his hair is long thin but curls like Shirley temple it badly needs cutting but he keeps putting it off saying he will surprise me personally I just think fuck that go get it cut you look like a female hippie.

This week end he is also fishing but only very local as normal so no chance to do a lot between him going and Rainbow Fairy turning up.

Any-ways that is all from me better go get emails sorted and projects sent in to the new group I am in.

So bye for now