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You are never home [02 July, 2018]

This whole last week I am wondering am I single or what!

On thursday he went to the shops bank payed a bill for me then he went to help his mate Daniel with some lights he got home about 5pm.

Friday he once again went out went out to finish helping Daniel with the lights and now a cooker,then he went to the bait shop and he got home 7pm

So the weekend was busy He went fishing Saturday morning he left about 5-30am and did not get home till 11pm it just makes me feel unloved for some reason like he has escaped me and stayed out until he can not not longer do so,
On Sunday he went fishing again from 6am till 7pm and that was only down to the fact I called him to say get home now I have a parcel turning up.

And then today he lays in till nidday and now he has gone over his mums to help with the fish pond pump and the fence for pinning back roses,I just wonder when I will feel special again or a princess like at the start of us or is this the wayit is between us for now and always.

As for me the weekend was still busy had Si here 2pm he was late due to traffic mind you with this heat who can blame him,then at 9pm tesco shopping turned up I thought I had booked it for Sunday night instead it turned up Saturday yeah go me miss fuck up!

Then On Saturday night when he got in I asked if he could clear stuff anf sort out freezers for Iceland turning up on Sunday morning nope he couldnt do that so his bag on the shelf got thrown so I could 12 bottles of 3 litres lemonade on the shelf ,and Si put the rest of the shopping away,he was pissed off as well as he heard me ask to move shit and he had not done it and once again that resulkted in my bank goiing in the worst pain ever yet again,.

Then Si asked what was happening for my birthday and what day it was on I told him a Tuesday and he said hmm so the weekend after you want to go away or what do you want.

My reply what is the point of going away and looking at 4 different walls if I go shopping what am I going to buy I need nothing so no point in that.And we talked some more and I said he was giving me some money for my birthday and I might get my haircut if I can find a mobile hairdresser,

So I went looking online and found a company called tap n Style and liked the look and prices of them and thought yep their the ones then I picked the stylist and Si payed for it for my birthday woohoo Roll on Thursday I might start feeling human again Soon now I can get my long hair cut short,it has not been cut for 4 years now so very long overdue.

Last nght I ordered a little chair to sit on and from argos so th lady coming to do my hair can get around my head no problem,and that turned up last night .

And today I am online while once again he has gone to do jobs for other people and to hell with here but he has said he will do the jobs here tuesday/wednesday we will see I guess.

Thats it from me have a good one all