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1:46 pm
Bursting Uglyings both ends [30 April, 2019]
Well last week was good until Saturday when I then had the shits and about an hour later started throwing up also,
Since then I have not been hungry until this morning when I ate small after the noise my stomach was making but I still do not feel right and feel one wrong thing or one sip too many of my drink will start me off again!
He seems to think I am going to eat the finger rolls then is all I picture of being in the bowl it was disgusting,
I can only face sips of drink even though I am so thristy and a starburst sucked to death at this moment in time.
I would of love some tlc but instead it feels like he just throws me in bed and closes the door like out of sight out of mind.
I left him the bowl to empty on Saturday as I really could not face it and well he was not happy about it what happened to caring for me really ffs I feel like I am dying uglying out of both ends and you want me to clean up also No way I went to bed with towels for the sheets and slept.
Yesterday I slept till last night nearly 24 hours and still feel like bursting uglyings everywhere!
Anyways that is all for now better go as he will be home soon yep while I am still feeling erk he is out doing jobs for people pisses me off greatly ut used to by now!