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6:59 am
Fool [01 May, 2019]
So he came back last night 7pm from his uncles got to love it when he says a quick job anyways when he sat down and started up his pc his face was like thunder,
You see he picked up a virus and a worm thanks to not listening to me about opening a keygen!
He asked and I told him what they could have and he opened anyways then gets thunder faced and stomps bangs around like I fricking put it their,
So we used my pc to get him the shit to get rid of it and after a couple of hours he finally got it done I am sure he will not listen to me again though a fools just got to be a fool and learn for himself I guess,

Anyways thats it from me I managed to eat 2 tiny meals yesterday scooby snacks I guess you could say although they stayed down I still am waiting my stomach feels wrong like impending doom is in it bubbling away!

Bye for now