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You pissed me off jerk! [13 May, 2019]
So Si was here the weekend and he went fishing all day Saturday and then said he would be home early Sunday so I thought about 4-5pm so we could spend some us time toghter and he could cook for us before Si is here for the whole week as he is coming back Monday morning to spend his weeks hoilday with me.

Instead it gets to 7pm now I am getting annoyed 7-30pm I am fuming and then 8pm I ring him and he says I am on my way back I just hang up totally pissed off does not come close to be home early.

He finally walks in at 8-45pm and I am sure he thinks he has done nothing wrong so I tell him to make a roll and after I have eaten not the lovely pie or toad in the hole I pictured or craved for the few hours nope a ham roll.

After that I go to bed he goes to get up to tuck me in turn light off lock the door etc and I tell him nope I can do itand go to bed so fucked off.

Then I wake up and he is on the sofa snoring mind you I did tell him he had the sofa piss me off you will be sorry I have had it with unfeeling shitty behaviour from him,

So i throw a bag of gummy bears at him unopened of course and tell him now I am up to go to bed which he does on the way past me he tries to kiss me I tell him don't even try it,

I am still so pissed at him and how he let me down once again,and he can not see he has done anything wrong so I guess 8-45pm is early now or something.

Anyways thats all for now