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6:25 pm
adult sitter [09 June, 2019]
He went fishing the weekend which left me with the adult sitter! He was quiet but still pissedd me off he spent a day and half downloading world of warcraft as his (fisherman catch nothing) pc went fked up so he haad to wipe it and left adult sitter to sort out wow hope your following now lol.

Anyways adultcsitter moaned about the download speed and how no matter what downloads speed you have it still takes as long and after it was done he logged in and did wait for it 1 fking daily can you believe it why fking bother if thats all you wanted to do.

I was gob smacked and just came off the game and went and watched stuff and yep as normal off he slept again on and off for the rest of the day was it worth it hell no,

At least catch nothing fisherman has sai he will not go fishing every week and give me a weekend a month every month off as he promised me it last year but it never happened this year though I am sure it will.

Anyways that is all for now have a good one