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2:37 pm
Less Attuide Please [21 June, 2019]
I have been sturggling do i or dont I write this one but yes I need to
you see it has all been shit since ladt weekend it started with me clearing out and tidying the bedroom up,

He hoards so much stuff and I was sick of it so I throw out a huge pile of old fishing magazines and boy did he get the arse and since then any excuse to hut me and and not give shit,

During the week he was moving the washing into the dryer and kicked the basket right into my leg when I told him he said nothing,and yes it did hurt right on tender soft sore skin,

Then this morning he put on his deodrant and nearly choked me out I could test it not good for someone that has been wheezing for the last four or so days and coughing ,still he has said nothing.

I just wonder what will come next his attuide towards me is like I am a piece of shit and at times I just go to bed to get away from his shitty attuide.

He was going to be here next weekend but weekend but if his shitness keeps up I will tell him to go fishing I just don't want the shit I do know that if I could walk out and have somewhere to cool off I would of done by now.

I just do not know how much more of his shit I can take.

Anyways that is all for me for now,have a good day