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2:46 am
Who Stole My Peace! [23 July, 2019]
I have been busy playing World Of Warcraft and getting the rep needed to fly from the 2 new zones which they included in patch 8.2,now it was a slog I am not going to lie or sugar coat it it fucking sucked getting your arse handed to for 55 rep at a time.

But I got the flying and even carried on to exalted rep but Si on the other hand his flying and bascically said that is it lol,if he can not just but his way in something tough he moans like a baby throwing his rattle out of the pram!

I had a nice peaceful weekend or rather I tried to what with his brother ringing 30 times he did not but it was a few fair times and abut stupid shit,then Si kept asking him iof I was awake for fucks sake I want some peace my blood pressure was through the roof I had a day of IBS Flare up and it was like it was a crime for me to sleep or want some fricking peace.

Anyways that was my weekend hope yours was better till next time ....