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Saint Patricks Day


5:31 am
Bargains 62p [01 August, 2019]
So yesterday had sainsbutys turn up with a bit of the shopping basically bottled coke for me hell yeah nothing like drinking it out of a cold glass bottle gosh it just tastes so darn good,then some pizza subs for him and some lemonade as he had run out instead it put it in the fridge and said yep I will have it later !

So today I have Tesco and Iceland turning up lets see what he moans about this time he always finds something to moan about he just don't like it when I buy too much but if it is an offer too good to refuse that you where buying anys would you turn it down because I sure as hell am not going to.

A peep at some of the offers Heniz spag and sauasges 62p beans n sausages 62p heniz spag bolg 62p so got 10 of each that should last a very long time I am hoping then I can more paid off bills the next couple of months!

Still waiting for th OT to get in touch or turn up with my table one month and counting now still chopping the tree down maybe.

Anyways that is all for now here is a thought for you A butterfly is a flying flower sorry folks just read it somewhere and made me smile lol

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