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2:44 am
Clearing Up 5TB [19 November, 2019]
The weekend went ok Si was here after 2 weeks of being at home I really needed the peace with him not here Steve still went fishing I was finally free and alone and it felt good even if it was for only a few hours..So much for his one weekend a month at home that went out the window for the second year running.

I am still working on clearing out 5TBs of shit on my external it is paintshop pro images and who knows what it is taking ages as I saving the good shit and seem to have a fair amount of it,and alot of I had no idea it had been buried but now I found it saved it and will be able to use it.

Maybe if the lady who did the money challanges cleared out her stuff we might get good stuff to use seen this weeks theme and it sucks balls..

Anyways better go and keep on clearing out stuff and thinking of ways to pretty up this weeks theme