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4:47 am
Happy 2020! [03 January, 2020]
So how was your christmas and new year ?Mine was just normal we had Si here in the end I am fed up him always sitting on facebook and fishing all comes before me it seems he was fishing right up christmas week and then staright after chrimbo,I am a fishing widow I tell you.

I spent so much money I did not have thinking it would be me and him and it would be romantic and decorated nicely here but no tree a week before chrimbo he says I can go over my mums and get the tree out of the attic now really this late don't frecking bother so that is why Si was here he did not make the effort.

I got the lights I bought but never opened back and alt of christmas stuff sent back due to what was the point if I had known what was going to happen I would of bought him alot less but as it was meant to special I went to toen anyways can not change it now.

I still have not heard from benefits if I am still going to get paid so that is along wait which has been 6 weeks already really scarey time I can tell you.

Oh he did buy me 2 nice nighties one with betty boop that says keep it sassy its bright pink and the other with a unicorn I love uciorns so that was actually nice.

As for christmas dinner I was going to have it but really did not wannt it so changed my order at the last hour and had a cold meal whcih still hurt my guts due to the spuds,I hate this IBS.

Anyways thats all for now