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6:41 am
Mel r.i.p [05 April, 2020]
So lockdown is just like any other day for ,week month year for me being house bound but I can see how some people would be driven to do crazy shit.

We are still both so far clear of the virus and have limited him going to the shops to 2 times a week if possible hope this finds you all well.

On a sad note though Si lost his dad on Wednesday just gone he was not in the best of health but then he got a chest infection which turned into pneumonia and then they said he also had the virus and sadly died on wednesday night.

I wish him a peaceful journey into the unknown if their is a place and his family a heartfelt so sorry for your loss he meant alot to me so R.I.P MEL Gone But Never Forgotten.

I will have to start writing in here more thats for for now take care and stay safe