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5:43 am
Tv Downloads Fix [18 May, 2020]
Wow another week has gone,the only thing that happened last week was I got a food parcel and nstead of buzzing in the guy just leaft it on the doormat.It was amazing it was still in place with all items in it and no one took off with it.Any other block or floor and I might not of been so lucky.

I still have this cough 3 months on and still coughing up white shit my back and under my tits hurt like hell from the coughing.

I heard from Si when I called him to wish him a happy birthday I did have to laugh when his mum left him a fn message saying 54 years young for every one to see lol.

I have been watching tv shows so far I have gotten through Chicago Fire, Chicago Med and am half way through Chicago pd.I also watched Upload which was good but theending could of been a bit better maybe it is leaving way for a second seris but I doubt it.

Anyways that is all for now
Stay safe xx