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8:21 pm
Snap Thanks Babe Love Them [30 May, 2020]
God isnt it hot today,I have the fans going but no cold air the windows where open but just made it worse so now I am getting a little breeze!

He managed to surprise me today with a nice thoughtful surprise he went on amazon without me knowing and ordered me some old favouite crisps of mine I bought a box during the lock down but could not find them again he managed it,
through amazon and now I have 30 bags of Snaps Spicy Tomato flavour lovely ate 2 packs already so I am sure they will not last long.

Has anyone else noticed how much the shops have put up the price of food shopping I mean it was not cheap before but it just seems sky high now I hope when things get back to normalish prices will go back down a little as this is killing my pocket.

Oh I managed to watch all of Ghost Wars tv show and loved it now I am on lucifer and others in between so I do not get bored lol,

The bruises on my arm are now yellow brown so slowly fading finally and keeping away from doors as best as I can at the moment.

I have also a new frame challange for one of the other groups and this below is what it turned out like not sure I love it but anyways

And heres a background challange I did like this one better