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5:13 am
Feeling unconnected [21 June, 2020]
Well I saw Si for an hour on Saturday he was trying to sort out the iphone he got me and it just can not be done I need text and write text bigger but it just does nt work so told him too taake the phone back so when he returns in 2 weeks I will put the chip back in my other phone and carry on with that simple at least I can see the buttons may not hit them every time but it gets there.

Is it me or do other others feel unconnected from the world like I saw Si but it did not feel the same I felt angry betrayed even that he did not see if I needed anything or wanted anything during the worst of this pandemic and I was left with goverment parcels for food,yes Steve went out but not far and only for bread milk and ham was always back in 10 minutes just to cut the exposure down for me /us.

He wants me alive at the end of this and we have agreed he will wait to go fishing just to be really caredful during this time and with following days to come to come when mps say the pubs are opening to keep business going it is not due to them beingsafe in my book its all to do with money,but thats another story /whinge post.

Oh and I cleaned the bathroom managed to get all the scale off around where the plug goes by using a 2p run under the tap for a few seconds and just scrubbed itoff using the coin results it looks like a new sink fantasic bad news my right leg has been worse can hardly put weight on it now but at least the bathrooms clean right!

I was going to move straight on with the bedroom but have decided to wait a week before i start that and hope my leg repairs a little or maybe wont hurt as muchas I am totally maxing out painkillers and going over the 8 a day at times and still only barely touching it.

Anyways thats it for me for now have a good one and I will write again soon