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11:06 pm
Ham Sandwhich / toast [07 September, 2020]

Am i the only one that feels disconnected with everyone,i just dont feel anything if i am honest its like my former self has left this shadow behind

I can watch a programme and be like of so sad but in real life it is like oh well he had it coming,maybe it is just a phase to be heartless who knows.

Other news I had Macdonlads last weekend which Si bought for me as he was fishing for 3 days and I managed to eat it all yeah and it stayed down,now that was great in its self I haven't been able to eat much Ijust do not feel hungry I am eating just to keep myself going as in one ham sandwhich and a packet of crisps the whole day,I know but it is all I can manage if that,

This morning I pushed the boat out and had had 2 pieces of toast whoopie right!

We have the gas man turning up in a few hours to do his yearly check the longest thing about it is the time frame of him turning up from midday to 6pm,and then within 5 mins it is all done.

Thats it for now Anyways updates coming sooner now I hope to do at least 3 times a week,

So have a good one