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2:36 am
Junk emails and games [22 September, 2020]
I have been playing World of Warcraft again and doing dailes for rep before the next expac comes out.It has been keeping my mind busy and off a little of the pain.

My right hand has a nice green bruise on it I either knocked it but the shade and size says holy shit I would of remebered that or my iron level is so damn low again but I am not seeing anyone this year fr any medical advice I had my share of lying docs who don't seem to do anything or have any answers.

Oh in settlers it was their anniversary and they had a event going and I got some great freebies love getting gifts for nothing.

So I am waiting for the next lock down we all know it is coming to London just a question of when!

Anyways that is all for now trying to get stuff sorted on pc and junk emails cleared again so many bit coin and hey wanna win shit I would be rich if I got a penny for every 10 emails lol.