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5:45 am
Tummy Bug ON GOING [30 September, 2020]
I am still not feeling good on monday I had Sickness and Diarrhoea like you would not believe since then I have been sleeping and I mean knocked out sleeping either burning hot or Ice cubes,And now I have been sneezing my stomach is still not finished with me it is painful tight and glugging a good one all I have had in 2 days is a digastive biscuit I could not stand anything else after being sick.

I just feel so cold and pains everywhere I need to sleep to stop it,if this is what a junkie feels like coming off drugs fuck that seriously the pain is horridious.

I have finally cleared out my email while trying to take some drink and a smoke in my body and done one so called design to keep the group lady happy,

So heres what I did you can tell the truth it sucks I know