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3:33 am
Oh my gosh eating [04 October, 2020]
Oh boy I do not want to spend another time feeling like I did last week even now I am not 100% right but slowly getting back.

It got so bad I told him dnr if it came to it or anything happened while I was sleeping I have never told him that but last week I meant it sheer hell.

So this week slowly trying to re start eating first day was a couple of plain biscuits, then soup and toast tryed a ham sandwhich yesterday nearly boffed again going to have give up on the ham for a while and the crusts on bread just make me gag not so bad on toast so might try living on that for a while and take it from there.

Wow has been moved back a while for them to work on the next expac even then I am sure it will still be not be perfect but then who knows right!

Thats it for now have a good one