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7:48 am
Who stole his heart! [21 October, 2020]
I am still coughing like a bitch and bringing up tons of clear mucus,so hopefully it will settle down soon again my ankles and hip have been a right sod the pain just does not stop on the ankle sometimes I know he must know I am in pain and does not say a word it is like he has lost his heart he has no feelings what so ever and no signs of gratefulness if thats even a word I bought him a £100 pair of boots for fishing and his reply yep lovely thanks not fucking brillant wow thank you perfect just thanks.It felt like he thought they due to him or a fiver from the market not any feelings in his thanks.

I did treat my self to £7-99 elf on the shelf yes I bought myself one so cute its wonderful last year I said I want one yearly and I know him he wont think of it so bought one myself.

Oh also had to renew my Picture site $24-99 for a year but its worth it for me to stick all my designs on and show them here as well as other stuff so that is me now covered again.

Anyways thats it for now need to go get on with doing some of this weeks sent through design items O wls trust me not so good this week what with the coughing and the subjext matter I am out of sorts!

Bye for now