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12:35 am
More health issues n pills [18 January, 2021]
I swear this year for me is worse then last year by fricking miles what with hospital jabs and now I had to call the doctors again as I had a red burning patches on my legs turns out it was cellulitis.

Found it out after I filled in the 30 page online form for the doctors and given the systoms and sent pictures of my legs with how lovely the red patches looked!

So I got a ext back with the doctor saying yes it is cellulitis whcih is the first time ever but still she gave me some pills and some cream as she could how dry my legs were also.

So I got the pills and boy the side effects so vile I ended up stopping them 4 days later the taste they give after taking them lasts till the next dose and then it just carrys on and the toilet trips I never pooped so much even when I had the trots this was far worse,my poor was sore and bleeding when I wiped not alot just from going so many times I hit 14 times in one day fuck that it hurt and then the wind you had to be careful if you passed gas that you didnt carry through,

Some times when I slept it wasn't a deep sleep just to sure I had no accidents had a few close calls though I can tell you.

Then the damn cream whenI used gives me white blisters it cleared up the red but left blisters which hurt even more so I popped a few and stopped using the stupid cream holy moly.

So for now I am trying to feel normal fo me I have been so ill this month I just wanted to give up, but managed somehow to keep going.

I do know at this rate what with the doctors and hospital in the last 2 months I was a frequent flyer lol hadn't seen either for the last couple or so years and now I am having to call them a few times kind of sucks but said Now I am just going to lay off pills and cream for a while and see how I get on only so much shit I will take pumped into me at a time and the quoter has been met for now.

Anyways take care flks have a good one and yes I hope to update a few times a week again now,I am feeling more human