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3:51 am
New Mattress [20 January, 2021]
So I ordered a new mattress and it finally turned up on the 19th Jan Tuesday so thought I would wait and let you know what kind of sleep I got.

I have found the thing not to live up to it's name of silent night it kept me awake trying to get comfy and working out how many blocks I would need to get onto it, it is alot higher to claim onto then the other bed which is great more pain before bed trying to get my knee and ankle to bend to get on the thing.

Don't get me wrong I tryed getting up on my bum and shuffling put unless I take up pole jumping that is not going to happen.

So I gets into bed eventually and then the damn pilliow problem how many will I need to feel comfy so worked it out 3 I thought aftr half hour I got a crink in my arm and kneck and got another pilliow from him so I now have 4 pilliows.

And the sleep was crap I kept turning wriggling my legs trying to get a comfy spot but the mattress is hard so hard.

I finally drift off and wake up with sore bits everywhere,maybe I will eventually get used to using step ladders to get into bed and then being pilliows r us before I get my great decent nights sleep I will keep you updated on that one!

New Mattress Old one 12 years overdue who can say their mattress is 22 years old now you see why I needed a new one just takes so long to break then in.