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4:57 am
Fking pc [27 January, 2021]
Well yet again another pc died on me turns out it was the processor so Si lent me one of his and dropped it round yesterday now do not get me wrong very kind of him but wheres the freaking ear muffs!

It should come with something to put over your ears oh do not get me started on turtle speed sorry I think a turtle could go faster it seems to go push backwards while your waiting for it to forwards holy shit man.

The only good thing about it is it goes eventually !!

My other one dieing could not of come at a worse time I have a psp war thursday till sunday which fucks me over with this slow speed I gonna have to spend as much time as possible trying to clear emails before time lockouts so I can get the goodies I already haave 600 from a day and a bit,so not a great start with the war not starting yet,

Anyways thats it for now write more when my ers have stopped from humming