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Wifi or normal land connection? [02 February, 2021]
I am so freaking frustrated it is unbelievable,I can't get on settlers and its an event I can not load alot of my design web pages as it is to slow they loaded fine on the other one but dont on here guess thats also due to the ram can not add paintshop pro addons so having to shit boring paintshop pro designs as no addons and then no fontts to add text as the pc will not hold the program I use for them so it is a shit of win nothing.

Oh and then the second thing brokw yesterday my mouse so had to get a new one had a spare so using that thank god I say thank god but all I end up doing is Downloading tv shows and transferring them to my external same with email files if I want to keep any good tubes it is download then striaght onto external trust me this pc will need a full wipe when Si gets it back I had to change so much just to get paint shop pro working it is so stupid that is for sure.

So I only check emails daily download any epsoide of a show I want or can not on normal tv and then watch it that is all I do on here now.

Could not get into my online doctors said it was not me along with gmail and my bank why well pc specs had changed doctors finally got it sorted I think email ok bank well will find out next payday if they do not stop my card again for changing pc specs they say sercuity I say way to heavy with the checks Ip check code check but checking the specs and version of windows I think not!

Still struggling to find a new one that is in my price range from the catolugue but hopeful when they change season more will be put in just got to work out a couple they have in at the moment says wifi on board ready to go does that mean they do not take earthnet connection anymore,networking - 300Mbps WiFi, 1 gigabit LAN controller, I am like english please freaking hell really folks be straight!

Anyways that is all for now write more later in the week