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11:07 pm
Ocd not me I just want tidy clean ! [05 February, 2021]

So last week when I asked him to run the hover over the floor a week+ I am still waiting, so I have decided to try and clean the bathroom started on the tiles but my arms and knees is making it so hard at the moment, but I will get it done when he wakes up, and I can get tougher items to help me the tiles have not been cleaned for about 6 months he is a lazy son of a bitch!

I just hope he never gets my leg condition as then he will find out what it is like to go to sleep wake up in pain sit in pain stand in pain walk in pain everything is freaking pain and all he says I do not know maybe have the pain then you might get off your arse from making stupid fricking floats and do shit around here.

You meant to be my carer well fricking care for me not just bring me food well ham roll or beans on toast actually clean a foll a day change the sheets more than once a month when I nag you.

I am just so vexed at the moment I want this place clean tidy, a calm relaxing place without crap everywhere.

Take the cooker I got a new one as the old one was second hand and no scrubbing would clean it up, well this one is starting to look like that the rings on it have not been touched once with a cleaning cloth in 6 months I am fuming about it.

He says he loves me more than I know well when I look around here it really does not feel like it, it feels like a shit hole one of them homes you see on the programme filthy houses sos.

I know my mum had OCD and had high standards and some of it rubbed off on me but the dirt in this place would make a non cleaner feel dirty.

An example I throw out 2 and 3 litres of empty lemonade bottles last week when i cleaned in here last week I threw many empty bottles out next to his pc chair and now more have appeared instead of taking them to the rubbish he has put them on the floor next to himself. Why I do not know I just give up I tell you.

I am so fed up with this shit it is an understatement!