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12:27 am
Ankles fricking killing [17 February, 2021]
My Legs, knees ankles and feet hurt like fricking hell with all the swelling even my knees are ballooning now and making it so hard to stand let alone walk and sleep.

I just want to curl up and let the ground take me with the skin ripping and the pain I am getting it is just crazy.

I also got sent a text last week from my GP telling me I could make my Covid-19 jab appointment now, so I called them Thursday just gone and said I can't get out I am having the district nurse in every 3 months to jab me and the receptionist said I will ask the doctor never to hear again, so I sat and filled in an online form and got texted back we will reply to you by Feb 22 so lets just wait and see although i am not holding my breath though!

That's it for now I am and have been in extreme pain from my toes to just above my knees sorry for not updating sooner but i hope to be back soon with maybe some good news from the doctors either way I will let you know.

Take it easy guys