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11:13 pm
18 New Pilliows [24 February, 2021]

I finally got some new pillows I need them to lift my top half up in bed, so the blood goes down to my feet and pumps back to my heart and hopefully that Wil make the swelling a bit less in my legs even if it is 2 minutes till i get out of bed I would be a bit happier I bought 18 pillows so 12 are mine, and he can have the rest lol.

I tried to clean the bedroom today got 4 draws done and 2 bookcases/shelf units done the dust was about 6 inches thick ,then again he never does anything to make it, so it is not so bad.

Furthermore, I still have the inside of my wardrobe and on top of it, and he can tidy his own god-damn wardrobe not my job i shouldn't even be trying to it.
The pain i am in at the moment is crying material no words to describe just tears!

Any ways that's all for now write more when I finally get more done on the bedroom in the next day or two