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3:35 am
Earn your title ! [11 March, 2021]
Tuesday was a mixed day yeah finally got faster broadband perfect for me doing emails downloading stuff just what I wanted.

What I did not need was sick and shits that hit me all day, finally got some sleep halfway through the day and slept a lot through today

We have the front door being replaced at 8am this morning and I looked in the kitchen and thought holy shit he says he is my carer well he better start it is a right shit hole.

The rubbish is 2 bags in and the dishes are sitting on this side dirty I am sure he thinks I am messing around, but I am so fricking serious when I say you are getting shitty own make food, and I am not buying anything else for here when it breaks it is gone/

If he is my carer then do something except sitting on Facebook and bitching about you can not go fishing ,at least you can go to the shops this is my life this is it for me, I want to scream at him stop being a prick and do some fucking cleaning and earn your title of carer not of just saying it and then hover over me when I start to do something that is long dead.

That's it for now any ways still no word when I will get the jab, but we have to wait and see and hope they passed the message to the district nurse.