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4:27 am
Facebook Fanboy [19 March, 2021]
Its like he is here but he is not! I know he would be fishing but most days the only time he speaks is to ask if I want anything and god forbid if I do at times he just gets so aggressive with his attitude like I pulled him away from Facebook for 10 minutes, oh shit in that time it might blow up.

The front door got done 3 hours of having it open in the coldest day ever 70mph winds blowing, and it looks naff, a big mark on the front of it where it is a deep scratch that don't wipe off and no pen will fill it in, he saw the bloke who fitted the next day and told him about it his reply the fault man not in building yet when he is, he will be to see you! Well whoop i shit.

Still waiting on my first jab so much for being on the priority list useless gits.

He did help me clean the bedroom and sort the sheets out last week which was good 6 bags hit the bin so that was some good going.Maybe it did not help when I told him what he would be left with a wardrobe and 2 bookcases as I bought the rest!

Honestly though can say I am sticking to nothing else gets bought and that is a fact/

Oh, yeah I cleaned the front door intercom, and it is nice and white now not cream so feels good to be slowly getting there with getting this place in order.

That's it for now stay safe and well