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10:46 pm
Let down Again [04 May, 2021]
What is it with people who make appointments and then never stick to them?So the ceiling in the bedroom and the wall has some damp on it the people where meant to come rond today from midday-3pm and we waitied till 6pm nothing I am so fed up so people saying oh we will be round and they do not turn up
As for him well I told him I wanted him to keep the kitchen tiday and load the dishwasher of any plates not even put it just put them in the diswasher so when I go in their I do not have to look at me but oh no he can not even do that so I will be deducting his money for tis shit I can not take it any more.
If I had some where to go you know I would honestly think of leaving I am honestly that sick of this mess and him being my carer but letting me do all the work.