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10:30 pm
FINALLY a district nurse appeared [09 May, 2021]
So Si came up to drop something off for him and bring me my cokes,and finally the missing district nurse came up and got to work cleaning my legs and onto wraping the leaking one I will not lie it hurt like hell and all the open wounds stuck and rubbed on the pads I could of sworn but just smiled and let her get on with the left leg which she washed creamed and then banaged.
How many bandages do they need she used so many mats it was super overboard thank god I did not have to pay for that prescription it would of killed me to pay and see all the waste!

So she leaves after shes done with nothing about wen they would be back Si left about 3-30pm and at about 4-30pm the bandages on the right leg came off I just can not stand the heat and the rubbing pain it is just so bad,

I have managed to eep the right one on so far thank goodness not sure for ow much longer I can bear it but I will try and keep on with it.