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11:21 pm
Peaceful day [08 August, 2021]
Well I am still waiting for shit to happen which isn't down to me to keep on at people fuck em all only so much i can do, and I have done it, up to others now
I am finally getting a not so moody him he went to the dentist and is now on a course of antibiotics he has an infection in his gum/tooth so at least that much is sorted .
I got caught up on my emails from sending into different groups all what I had made to the right group and kind of agreed to offer tags to a group2 times a month which is not too bad not many in the group and a lot don't bother to ask so not so worried about getting overwhelmed and only offering them for 48 hours, so if they miss the deadline that's it no more of that tag will get made then watched the TV shows what I had downloaded during the week which wasn't many not much good shit on lately roll on winter when I get better shows with any luck but all in all a peaceful day