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12:28 pm
Why so late folks [11 August, 2021]
So yesterday he had to go and sort out his cousin's pcs troubles, one was a monitor graphics issue the other was a Wi-Fi Ethernet issue but got them sorted eventually .

I did not get to play in paint shop yesterday was too busy sorting out all my goodies but finally almost up to date so yeah I might get to play today or tonight

Still no jab or no applotment yet for the physio to show me the frame been 3 weeks now and no I am not calling this just takes the piss she knows I am waiting and still nothing!

The 2nd Covid jab is now at 18 weeks and counting this is crazy at this rate, not worth me having it!

Parcel returns are also on a go slow, I put in a request Thursday and still waiting which is unusual so might just put in another just to be sure they do tune up

That's it for now, have a good one