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6:08 am
Catchup Clear out Keep! [19 August, 2021]
So yesterday he had to go to the shops and get me rolls and pick up my painkillers which was at the chemist when he comes back I am finally getting my nap, and when I said he replied oh shit I forgot I asked him for 2 items, and he forgot, so he went back out for them thank goodness my pain meds are all that is keeping me going through the long days and nights at the moment .

But i am not here to moan about stuff just willing people to do what that say and eventually turn up what's the betting someone turns up on my birthday I do not care just get things moving will you!

I have told my groups I will be a bit slack over the weekend, so catching up on stuff during the last week in my keep folder!

Today he has to go out to the shops, pay bills buy smokes and bits of food we need to keep us going until payday next week/

That's it for now, have a great day