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12:55 am
Mists n whatever [24 August, 2021]
So what was my birthday was a complete hash, and I am going to leave it at that, but I will just say disappointed by everyone !!

He did not go fishing on Sunday either he slept most of the day and evening he has come down with a cold and cough and sleeping a lot which is good it means I am out of his way why he has sleeping I took my birthday cards down, and he has not said a word about it, I just feel like it was not a birthday at all, even Si let me down with no card no cake Anyway enough said.

Today I slept on and off, so it was a good day I have just gone through emails and am looking at the challenges from the Monday group hmm it is going to be tough they are all misted so need all the tricks in the books for this one lol.

So onto the Mists and any other challenges in my folder to catch up on.