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11:25 pm
Tesco had everything [27 August, 2021]
Tesco turned up today, and it had all my items what a shock right everything I had ordered woo-hoo go Tesco, you see I read in the papers that shops don't have what people want or are running out of food well I can still get what I need for both of us it must be we are eating the shit food and only the rich are getting stuffed with their posh vegetables etc who knows right but makes you wonder.

Oh, and toilet paper I am still ordering a 12 pack every month at this moment in time I now have 100 single toilet paper rolls just in case they go into shortage again, so I am prepared, and it is not like it goes off its sell by date it is only for wiping things after all.

And you know what NOI will not give you a toilet roll, no one helped last time I wouldn't help in the future.

I have been feeling rough the last couple of days a cough worse than i had breathless and pain in the stomach and back like never before I took a go poo 2 days and nothing seems it wind and if that's the case no wonder babies cry with colic it made me cry seems a touch better but not fully

I also have a toe where the skin is rubbing on my little toe to the next toe and pulling all that dead skin off it is so swollen and hurts like a mother

So for the rest of the day I just slept caught up with some TV shows I downloaded and that was it today