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4:31 am
More lumps on legs [21 January, 2022]

So far this year it is going shit, no other way to describe it. I just have had it and am gone past caring and fighting I guess I had to call the doctor who told me my legs are getting worse, no shit Sherlock I sent her the pictures, so I think I know that already Jesus lady. And that she will contact the lymphoedema people again and see what they can do, as normal off to a flying start hear back from them to attend an appointment good job folks I am totally housebound now, so I guess I will have to try and thrash it out with them again
I got told to rest and do it in the bed while walking to toilet and back was allowed and when I went to the toilet to do a lap of the flat.I said I would start that Monday after he has been fishing, and I try and get the bedroom tidy, not sitting in a room thinking that needs to be moved polished etc fuck that.
Si is up this weekend I like seeing him do not get me wrong but when he says before he is here oh I can only play wow there as no other games installed it pisses me off if all you are doing is games fuck off do not bother, I want someone anyone to talk normal to me like a person not some sort of no or statistic.
Anyway, will let you know how things go on Monday if I make the move or not from the front room to the bedroom and what the silly clinic says to me.