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5:16 pm
Oh lazyballs [26 January, 2022]
So I called the stuck up lymphedema clinic, and she really wanted me to get to her, so finally she said we would have a phone consult on the text date and time and take it from there yeah fine, I thought I am not going all that way just for you to cut my toe nails that's all they ever seem to do!

The plumber brought the new tap today and fitted it which was great, but he went lazy balls found 5 holes in the waste pipe and put some bowls under to catch the water then he tells me 5 hours later, so I say did you phone the council his reply nope! Well don't you think you ought to do which he says now going toon the phone to them he says the problem, and they say within 24 hours brilliant, but he then asks what other times you got she says 11feb I am like what why not take now I do not get what goes through his mind thinking 5 leaks would wait or even says no to 24-hour call out it beggars belief

Anyway that's it for today I spent half the day in bed and will be going back soon just feel totally like shit.