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Hello I m here can you hear me? [20 March, 2022]

So the people came up and did all the measurements on my legs, and it turns out they are 3-5cms bigger on each of the key points on my legs they marked out nine dots on my legs and each have increased, and my legs have gone shorter by 2 inches due to the swelling I take it well shame it does not count as losing weight lol!

Then she said to me have you tried Cosy feet and said yes I had, and they did not fit she was surprised and pulled it up on her laptop and she found a pair of slippers which looked OK till I saw it said comes in blue, so I said can I see the blue ones and that was when I knew and yep said it had them ones I tried only in the blue they didn't fit had to go back not wide enough not enough Velcro and not roomier enough in the ankles.

I have no idea what it is with them and the damn shoe company maybe they get a bonus for pair sold but when I say everything I do mean it they did not fit 5 years ago let alone now with extra swelling again oh boy you have to laugh, or you would cry.

Anyway, she said I would hear something soon about leg wraps and if it doesn't all come together then wear what turns up, but so far nothing and nothing showing on my medical records online that anything has been ordered.

Then I have been where my body goes into painful muscle spasms/cramps again I told the leg people about my feet doing it, and they did not say anything, I had another 2 in my right hand 1 in my left hand in one day so got in touch with the doctor by the website online and waited the next day I looked online, and it said you will get a phone call the next day between 9am-13-45pm. So I stayed awake all day until 7pm just in the well thought of maybe she will call she was running late, whatever. Nothing the note on my files had been moved to the latest appointments online so yet again I mean nothing,it is like they see disabled and cerebral palsy and nothing more they just do not give a fuck.

And I have now totally given up if they want me they know where I am long and short of it,

Thanks for reading and back again soon