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8:48 pm
Re intouch with gp [04 April, 2022]
So I got the call from the doc about my fingers, he says it could be my calcium levels or if the blood test he will get the district nurse to do comes back OK he will refer me to a muscular skele doctor.

So now it is just waiting for the district nurse to call me about when they will be coming to draw my blood.

Update sop I missed the damn call the landline was unplugged and they did not bother to ring my mobile so this morning I had to put in another request for the doctor to get in touch with the district nurse again to order my bloods hopefully I do not have to wait much longer what with my fingers how they are and my feet also getting the same shit I do not how much more of this I can take

At least I have a little me time tonight he has to gone to a fish meeting and oh the peace no stupid u tube videos playing about utter shit it is just so nice to have total silence.

That's it for now got a lot of tags to catch up during the last couple of weeks I have either been playing wow watching stuff or sleeping mostly sleeping if I am honest so damn tired lately.

Bye for now