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2:19 am
2 for 1 on blood test [13 April, 2022]
So it has been an awful week for me the doctor refused my painkillers so sent him a message, and then he allowed them, then I had to get back in touch with the quack to ask him if he could nudge the district nurse blood takers as I was still waiting for the blood test to find out what was causing the muscle spams and keeping me awake and causing me so much pain that I was and still am suffering.
The doctor always say give it a week, and then we will catch up with results, only this time I got a text the very next day saying Low vitamin D + Low folic acid holy moly a 2 for 1 deal lol, No wonder I am in fricking pain as both can cause muscle spasm, and it means I was not making it up.
You know when you are in so much pain, and you just want to die, or totally give up that was me, and I am sure he thought some of it was not as bad as I said.
So I says that to him today, and he says no I can see you're pale and have a spot under your chin it is a sign you are run down wow, thanks for making me feel better!
So the quack is going to send the prescription through to the chemist for me and then retest my blood in 3 months, so I got a 3-month course of pills and then another vampire attack what joy it is being me NOT.
Thanks for reading update again soon