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9:24 pm
Kick in the Jollys [18 April, 2022]
The cough has stopped, and I had my 1 a week hux d33 20,000 vitamin d3 and not too bad till last night I felt light-headed sick and just like I was going to faint I was sweating so bad I went to sleep, and the sofa rough wasn't the word for it, I feel a little better for now!

I am still getting the cramps and spasms, so guess I have not given the folic acid a chance yet, he is not much good, although he tries I wouldn't be as patient if it was him creaming at me to get a heat pad or rub it that is for sure. He asks me silly things like what does the pain feel like a spasm/cramp like your body part is going to explode as it is it that tight and every little twitch or movement makes it a million times worse, that's what it is like .

Then on Wednesday to really kick my system in the jolly the covid boaster team turned up for me now I have my 2 main jabs and a boaster that I have been waiting 3+months for.

So yes that has been my week really not to good thats for sure.