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3:09 am
Hrt and Electric [24 May, 2022]

So I have been waiting to update until I have felt a little better well actually I wanted to feel normal but at lest I am not as I was, I finally got the doctor to give me HRT and early days yet only been on it a week and no adverse reactions yet who knows though still time but yeah, so I am pinning my hopes on these helping me sad right I know lol.

Been fighting with the council as well to get some money back from them that we over paid, they agreed it 3 weeks ago and still waiting for the money to hit his account, which they have lied to him and told him oh it is your account when it wasn't, so yesterday I went after them like a bulldog taking no shit and hopefully the money is going into his account in the next day or so which will help me pay off 2 debts so yeah the sooner they pay up the better, and then I can finally order food again.

We have been eating and almost got to the end of the freezers, so you know it is bad, but I will have fun restocking it that is for sure,

Other news the price hike on electric is freaking crazy we have a payment card meter no debt, and we can see what uses the money most and do you know what it is in our flat the shower holy shit it cost £4-40 for a shower, I kid you not I can say I'm waiting to get charged to breathe watch out it may come it to one day lol.