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11:03 am
Refund please [03 June, 2022]
Still nothing else from the doctor apart from the pharmacist at the doctor's will be in touch in a few days to book a telephone app so could not of been that bad right lo, then again at my doctor's I think they are pushing the line until a patient dies or that is what they are hoping for!

I am now on the conti side of the HRT so lets see what this side brings oh the joy lol one side gave me the shits for a day and then bad stomach pains/cramps this side has to do something sods law.

Anyway here are a few challenges from a group during the week i am in, one group booted me but screw her right she has the right now I have the right to share shit and say shit lol

Oh, I had to call Sainsbury's and get them to give me a manual refund s the refund thing was not working, or they wanted me to have a credit note no, thank you no way you do not have shit in your stores. So I will patiently for the 3-7 days for the refund, better than trusting you again

On to the challenges I did